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Edge Lace Trim

Edge Lace has a straight edge on one side and is straight or shaped on the other. We carry edge lace in widths of 1/4" inch to 12". It comes in black, white, ivory, beige, and a great variety of other colors.

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Scalloped Lace Trim

Scalloped lace has one side which is shaped more dramatically than the other. Its distinctive look makes a statement.

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Galloon Lace Trim

Galloon Lace is scalloped on both sides, making it a beautiful enhancement for many projects. We have Galloon Laces in a range of widths, from very narrow to quite wide, and almost any color, shade, or style you may need.

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Venetian Lace Trim

Venetian Lace looks like it is crocheted. This delicate lace is available in a variety of widths, mostly 1/4" to 2". Typically the colors are white, beige and black, however we do offer other colors as well. At this time, Venentian lace is available exclusively in our retail store.

Novelty Lace Trim

Novelty Lace is fun lace. This sampling of novelty lace illustrates several designs. Visit our store to browse through our entire selection of novelty laces.

Ruffled Lace Trim

There are endless different types and styles of ruffled lace. The lace shown to the far left is a combination of red, white and blue laces ruffled together. Next is a sheer fabric with ribbon in the center all ruffled together. Third is a typical ruffled lace; we offer this lace in various widths and colors. The last lace shown is a pleated lace.

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Eyelet can give your project a clean, crisp and delicate look. We offer eyelet in many designs and a large variety of widths.

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